As an exception to the linkage law (1998) the right to basic healthcare should be guaranteed.

People that are made undocumented, migrants and rejected asylumseekers from countries outside the European Union should have access to basic healthcare.

According to the CAK (Centraal Administratie Kantoor) the systems works, all these groups (undocumented people from outside the EU) have access to basic healthcare.

Yet in practice it’s not the case. This is why the Access to Healthcare Committee is amplying these facts of exclusion, researching the process and it’s aim is to make healthcare fully accessible by co-creating tools for access.

Accessing basic healthcare needs should be a straightforward issue because it directly addresses the fundamental requirement of every human being: to stay healthy and have the ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Without adequate healthcare, people may suffer from preventable illnesses that could potentially become life-threatening without proper treatment.

Our committee consists of a group of people (doctors, social workers, community organizers) and ngo’s in collaboration with the VU Athena Institute aiming to make the city fully accessible for undocumented citizens. Mail us if you want to know more.