The Access to Healthcare Group started in 2021, discussed during an Amsterdam City Rights (ACR) information meeting. Sitsi Toonders, Marion Grace Labasan, Hidaya Nampiima, Faisol Iskander, Mohammed Bah and Annette Kouwenhoven – part of the ACR coalition and representatives of (grassroot) organisations – started a collaboration with the Athena Institute, VU University conducting Action Research with 3 students, supervised by assistant professor Elena Syurina. Research question: problem analysis and the development of new tactics in facilitating the access to healthcare for undocumented people (people from outside Europe) who are in need of basic medical assistance.

During this practical, action research investigation the core group expanded in 2022 with Erna, Dhynes, Eunice de Asis and Jun Saturay.

Being part of small ngo’s and grassroots organizations we decided in June 2023 to change our name and to formalise our cooperation. From Access to Healthcare Group to: Access to Healthcare Committee.

Our efforts in the access to healthcare are in loving memory of Harvey. He passed away in June 2023, his memory remains. He motivates us to keep on going to achieve proper and accessible healthcare for undocumented people.
Core team: athena students with imwu, migrante, right to create: these foundations part of the Amsterdam City Rights coalition. Supportive of the committee are ahru, bak, pinay sa holland gabriela, here to support.